Our Main Goal is Import & Marketing.

Dapcare Ltd. started its operation in the year 2017. From the beginning of operation Agro vet Division is showing a remarkable growth for its quality products, product presentation and service to the customer.
i) Dapcare Ltd produces all range (Poultry, Large Animal and Aqua) of animal products.
ii) Agrovet Division is covering entire country and trying to foot in global market.
iii) Agrovet Division is currently marketing 32 poultry products, 6 large animal products and 3 fish products.

Dapcare Ltd is a certified company for its Quality Management System. Dapcare has gained recognition for the value of its technology and quality of the work.

Company Status:
Established as private limited company in 2017.

Nature of Business:
Export & Import from India, China, Belgiam, Korea, Distribution & Marketing all types of Poultry, Dairy therapeutics and netrutional products.
Types of products:
Antibiotics, Anthelmintic, Analgesic, Electrolyte, Nutritional Products, Vitamin & Minerals Premix etc.

Major Clients:
Poultry feed mills, Commercial Poultry and Large animal farms.

Chairman: Sheikh Moinul Islam
Managing Director: MD. Robiul Alam

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